Urgent Care

Our urgent care center provides a blend of urgent care and emergency room services.

Any illness or injury that does not appear to be life threatening but can’t wait until the next day is treated at the urgent care center. 

Life-threatening emergencies, such as a heart attack or serious head injury are also treated. Sometimes advanced care not provided at out hospital is required, in this cases once stabilized the patient can be safely transferred to the city for further care. 


Sometimes for you to get better it is necessary to have you hospitalized for monitoring or continuous treatment. Such is the case after mayor surgeries or severe infections.

While hospitalized, a team of healthcare professionals combine knowledge and abilities to help you recover health.

Clinical Laboratory

Whether you need routine labs or specific diagnostic lab tests, our laboratory can help you. We offer complete blood count (CBC), serologic tests up to specialized hormonal panels. 

Some tests require special preparation like fasting for at least 8 hours while others don’t.  

Microbiology Lab

You might have head your doctor or someone else mention a culture. Do you know what a culture is?

In simple terms, a culture is a lab test to identify bacteria or other germs in a sample. These samples can be of urine, feces, blood and wounds to name a few. Once bacteria have been identified different antibiotics can be tried in the lab to know which is the best to use against that specific bacteria. 


If you have an injury and a fracture needs to be ruled our then you need an x-ray. 

If you have a chest pain and a cardiac cause needs to be ruled out, then you need an EKG.

These are a few of the services that our imaging department offers and we diligently working to be able to provide CT-scans very soon.


Providing you with quality medications is our main objective.

Sometimes using an original brand is the best but most times generic medications can be used. Generic medications are less expensive than original brands but not all generics are made the same.

So which medication should you buy to ensure your money is well spent? Our pharmacist can guide you.