Women's health

Healthcare for Women

Our female gynecologist /obstetrics specialist provides care to women of all ages.

We offer a wide range of services to help women maintain their health. We can divide these into two main categories: Obstetrics and Gynecology


Obstetrics specifically deals with the welfare of the pregnant woman and her baby.

Our obstetrician will ensure that you the mother, and your child, get the best prenatal care to ensure labor and delivery is accomplished without complications and that should intervention be needed, it is done quickly and safely.

During pregnancy a number of complications can arise such as ectopic pregnancy, which is a condition where the embryo is in a Fallopian tube, fetal distress caused by compression , problems with the placenta or high blood pressure which can be a forerunner of a serious illness called pre-eclampsia.

The obstetrician is trained in these and many other complications of childbirth and ensures both mother and baby are safely guided through all of the phases of pregnancy and childbirth.

Whether the baby is delivered vaginally or through a planned or emergency cesarean section, our obstetrician is trained to handle any change that is presented during the natural, but sometimes complex process of childbirth.

Following delivery, an obstetrician is focused on the health of the mother and child ensuring that both make the transition into routine daily life without complications.

Some of the services in this category are:

  • Pre-conception Counseling
  • Full Pregnancy Care
  • Caesarean Section (C-section)
  • Miscarriage management
  • Complicated Pregnancy associated with diabetes, hypertension, twins, or pre-term labor


The field of gynecology focuses on all other aspects of a woman’s health from the onset of puberty through menopause and beyond.

Women see their gynecologist for their annual Pap test and pelvic exam. Other reasons a woman would see her gynecologist are for infections or any pain or discomfort in the uterus, genitals or breasts. Gynecologists also assist with infertility issues and contraception.

Some of the services in this category are:

  • Birth Control
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Vaginal Infection
  • Hormone therapy for menopause
  • Treatment of urinary leakage
  • Initial Infertility Work-Up
  • Plus many more services

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