Orthopedic services

Orthopedics focuses on conditions and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which includes bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.  We offer comprehensive, multidisciplinary care in an environment where patients come first.

Orthopedic Trauma

Orthopedic trauma is a severe injury to part or multiple parts of the musculoskeletal system, often as the result from a sudden accident which requires immediate medical attention. Trauma injuries can range from low energy fractures (often in elderly patients) to multiple injuries such as those caused by a road traffic accident. Bone and joint infections can also require emergency treatment.

Our surgeons are trained and experienced in handling even the most difficult orthopedic trauma injuries. We know that recovery isn’t complete after emergency surgery, therefore we provide follow-up care, respond to complications, and work to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients.

Knee & leg pain

Pain, discomfort and instability around the knee & leg can cause significant impairment to your mobility and lifestyle. It can happen to anyone, whether you’re an athlete who has suddenly experience an ACL injury or a retiree who’s developed arthritis in the knees, there’s several causes for leg & knee pain. We specialize in the treatment of leg & knee pain that interferes with your active lifestyle.

Back pain

The spine is made up of 24 bones, called vertebrae. These bones stack on top of each other, creating a tunnel-like system that protects the spinal cord.

Osteoporosis develops when the body loses too much bone or makes too little of it, or both. This causes bones to weaken and can make people more susceptible to breaks from a fall. As bones weaken, simple everyday activities such as bending, twisting, or even sneezing can cause a bone to break in the spine.

With osteoporosis, most vertebrae break near the waistline. Symptoms include pain near the fracture site, with pain worsening if the person stands or sits over a long period of time.

Most fractures will heal over the course of 6-8 weeks with minimal, noninvasive treatments. Your doctor will usually prescribe rest, medication, and on occasion, a brace. If fractures don’t respond to these measures or cause severe pain, surgery may be required.

Herniated discs occur in the neck or lower back and can cause pain in those areas, along with the arms and legs. Discs are rubbery pads that grow between the vertebrae to keep them from touching each other and to also absorb shock from running and jumping motions. They also allow the back to bend and flex easily without pain.

As we age, these discs lose water content and become less flexible. They shrink, allowing the vertebrae to move closer and closer. Symptoms of lower back herniation include lower back pain and neck pain, but can more commonly include a shooting pain from the buttock down the back of one leg (sciatica). Herniated discs in the neck can cause pain shooting down the arm, burning pain in the neck, headaches, and even loss of bladder or bowel control.

Luckily, non-surgical treatment can alleviate symptoms in 90% of patients. Rest, pain relievers, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicines and cold compresses are usually recommended. If the disc fragments lodge within the spinal canal and puts pressure on nerves, surgery may be required.


Bones can break in different ways. You may have a slight crack or the bone can be completely broken through. Sometimes the bone can break into many fragments and even pierce the skin.

The most common cause of broken bones in arms is falling, impact to the arm or leg, or a vehicular accident. Symptoms of a broken bone include immediate pain, possible deformity (especially when the forearm bones are broken), swelling, bruising, the inability to rotate your hand or move your leg. Typical treatment for broken bones include a x-ray and cast. When orthopedic surgery is necessary, we also have you covered. 

If you have experienced joint pain, a break or fracture, come and see our Orthopedic specialist. From simple physical therapy to complicated surgery, you’re in good hands at La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital


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