Pastoral Care

Emotional and Spiritual support

Being ill, awaiting a surgery or being hospitalized is an emotional event that can cause feelings of anxiety. When you are going through this difficult time, spiritual support can be a powerful and effective resource for your recovery and stability.

At La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital we want to care for all your needs including those that are spiritual. We offer the support of a Chaplain who specializes in providing the ministry of care and counseling to families that are facing the emotional and spiritual impacts of an illness or crisis.

We provide spiritual support to people of all faith traditions and are readily available to explore spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalization.

Pastoral Care is free and includes:

  • Individual and group prayer
  • Counseling and help in sorting through confused feelings
  • Communication to your local faith leader
  • Providing worship services if you’re confined to the hospital
  • Providing support and nonjudgmental guidance regarding end-of-life concerns

You need this service if:

  • You would like someone to pray with you for extra strength.
  • You have spiritual questions you would like to explore with someone.
  • You are going to have surgery or an important medical procedure and would like to have someone say a prayer with you or listen to you.
  • You would like to talk to someone who is not a physician or nurse, or is not somehow involved in your physical care.
  • There is an ethical question that is bothering you and you would like a safe person to talk to.
  • You are wondering about where God is because you feel like God is not listening to your prayers.
  • You are scared and just want someone to be with you and listen, if necessary.
  • You are mourning a loss and would like to find supportive resources in the hospital or your community.

End of Life Care

We believe in supporting family and friends of terminally ill patients through end of life care. During this particularly difficult time chaplains are available to help in several ways, including:

  • Comfort care for terminally ill patients and families
  • Ethical decisions
  • Spiritual and cultural education
  • Dealing with spiritual and emotional issues

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