First time patients

For your convenience, no appointments are necessary prior to your visit to our hospital. This means that you can come to the hospital as soon as you first feel sick, instead of waiting for a scheduled  appointment.

So that you can get the most out of your time spent with the doctor we recommend that on the day of your visit you bring along:

  • Medical histories related to the reason for your visit
  • Copies of relevant tests and x-rays
  • A list of all medications taken on a regular basis, including over-the-counter and herbal medicines.

We have made the  registration process as easy as possible. Here you can find a description of the 5 easy steps to get registered and be seen by an excellent doctor.

Step 1

Register your information at the front desk.  All you need to provide is your Name, Date of birth, Age and Address. It is important that you use the information as appears 0n your official documents or ID cards, and that you use the same name each time you sign up for a consultation. This way we avoid creating multiple medical records for you. 

Step 2

The receptionist will then search our database for a previous Medical Record with your name. If there is none, she will create a Medical Record for you.

Step 3

The receptionist will then hand over your Medical Record to the nurses in charge of Vital Signs. 

Step 4

The nurse will call your name and will then proceed to check your vital signs and record them in your Medical Record. 

At this moment you can decide which doctor you would like to see, or the nurse will recommend a doctor depending on your particular health related problem.

Step 5

The nurse will take your file (Medical Record) to the doctor’s office. You can take a seat on the provided chairs in the hallway by the doctor’s office, but don’t get too comfortable cause you will be called shortly by the doctor to start you consultation.

Our doctors are excellent listeners. Be sure to ask any questions or share any concerns that you may have. Understanding your medical condition is important for you to know what to do or not do to get a speedy recovery. If you do not understand what your doctor explained, ask him/her to explain again. They will be happy to do so.

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