Patient Satisfaction
At La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital, we take pride in providing exceptional patient care. Should you have a question or concern regarding your experience, we would be happy to address this with you.

I have a concern, to whom should I speak?

Whenever you have a concern regarding your treatment or our services, we encourage you to share any concerns directly with your health care team as soon as possible. You can talk to your attending physician or the nurse in charge of your care. You may also speak with the social worker, chaplain or clinical manager.

Listening to patients and their families is the best way to improve the care and services we provide. We have an impartial process to investigate, resolve and record complaints and to recommend improvements based on the feedback we receive. Complaints will be responded to in a confidential, respectful and timely manner.

Your opinion counts

We value your opinion and provide specific forms throughout the hospital for you to complete and drop in the collection boxes.  We hope you take the time to complete it and let us know when we did well and where we need to improve. 


Patient Feedback

There are a number of ways through which you can give us your feedback online and you can choose the one that better suits your preferences.

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  • Patient Testimonial
    We would love to share your story in the testimonials section, so that other patients may get to know about the quality healthcare we provide. Would you like that?

Give us your feedback

We hope to hear from you. Please use the form to submit your feedback:

Please be assured that raising a concern will not negatively impact the care you or your loved one receives.