Frequently asked questions
Are cell phones allowed in the hospital?


Where can I smoke?

La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital is a smoke-free environment. Patients are not allowed to smoke.  Visitors may smoke only in their cars.

What if I want a second opinion?

Second opinions are not uncommon. Discuss your desire for another opinion with your doctor. You can ask your nurse to help you with this.

Can I wear my own pajamas?

Some treatments and procedures require hospital gowns. If this is not the case you might be able to use your own pajamas. Please check with your nurse. 

How and where do I get the medication I'll need when I'm discharged?

Before your discharge, our physician will make you a prescription for the new medications you need. The nurses will help you get the medications from our pharmacy. If you prefer, you can get the prescription and take it to the pharmacy of your choice for filling.

Can a family member spend the night with me at the hospital?

Adequate rest is important for you and your loved ones. Our hospital rooms have an extra bed for a person of your choice to keep you company and have a good rest while doing so.

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