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La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital is a hemodialysis provider for the National Hemodialysis Program ... now also offering this service to the general public
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Patient Reviews

Nina Nye
Nina Nye
Nina's Place Owner & Manager
I fell off a horse, injured my shoulder and a very large area of the skin of my right calf got ripped off. The first time I went to La Loma Luz was because it is the closest hospital to my home. Every time since, I go there because in my opinion, it is the best in the area. Now I always bring my tourist guests and friends here for care, knowing they will be treated with kindness and good medical care.
Coe Family
Coe Family
Satisfied Customer
I would like to thank the entire staff of La Loma Luz Hospital for all the care given during pregnancy and childbirth.

With great pride I would like to compliment the wonderful work being done with this institution.

JoAnne King
JoAnne King
Satisfied Patient
I am very thankful and satisfied with the medical attention I have received at La Loma Luz!

Dr. Camal is the medical doctor that I see there and he, along with the staff are very friendly and helpful! I know I have gotten the medical attention I have needed at La Loma Luz!

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Living longer is in your hands

Ever wonder how much of your longevity is determined by your genes vs. your lifestyle? According to a recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, five fairly simple healthy habits can extend a woman’s life by 14 years and a man’s by 12


Painless Childbirth

Labour pain is rated as severe by most women. Many women are afraid of the forthcoming labor and the pain associated with it. Did you know that painless childbirth is possible?

Dental month

Children’s Dental Health Month

Oral health is regarded as an integral part of general health and well-being as it determines the quality of life via speaking, smiling, self-esteem, tasting and chewing food. This month of February is Children’s Dental Health Month.